Having MRSA In The Hospital – 5/1/18

Having MRSA In The Hospital

When you get MRSA in the hospital,

You are in a group of your very own.

They move your roommate out,

Then you’re left alone.

They sanitize your room from top to bottom,

Trying to kill the germs, and they got ’em.

A sign is hung upon your door,

And a shelf with precautions galore.

There are gowns, gloves, and masks,

As well as a stethoscope and thermometer.

These are only used on you, so that in others the germ won’t occur.

This is done for everybody’s good,

A fact that should be easily understood.

Even though being alone makes you sad,

If you try, you can find things to make you glad.

One big one that you will see,

Is that you don’t have to worry about sound on the TV.

Also when you’re alone,

You don’t have to worry about calls on the phone.

So think about the new freedom you have,

And having MRSA won’t seem so bad.


May 1, 2018

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