God’s Love September 9, 1988


God’s love is unconditional and free, each and every day.

He sent His Son to you and me , our Savior, to be the only way.

We cannot earn our Father’s love, by mighty works or good deeds.

It’s just sent to us from above, as He gives to each according to his needs.

The mightiest work that any could do, could for no one on earth save face.

For we all are so unworthy, we are saved only by God’s love and grace.

God is a very loving God who always understands.

He’s always right by our side, offering love and forgiveness, and holding out His hands.

For “all have sinned and gone astray”, as in the Bible we are told.

And without God each and every day, we would never grow to be very old.

For without God, all life would stop, on our own we could not even breathe.

We must put Him first and up on top, to continue to be able to live.

God loves us all so very much, He’s even counted the hairs on our head.

To me that’s quite a personal touch, added to our Savior rising from the dead.

No wonder it pains Him to look below and see all of the sex, violence and sin.

By those, who the Savior,they do not know and wish that they would let Him in.

For God does not wish for any to perish, no, not even one.

For every life He does cherish, and wants them, to Jesus, to come.

God’s love is the best to ever be found, better than family or friends.

Accept Him, for peace and happiness to abound, and a new and better life to begin.

Love In Christ.

Amanda Joy

               September 9, 1988

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