G R I E F – 7/28/13


Getting in touch with your inner self

Requesting from others understanding and help

Involve yourself in different things

Enveloping the feelings it brings

Free to laugh, cry or do anything

Grief is experienced in many ways,

By different people everyday.

Some get through it very quick,

For others, it’s throws, they just can’t lick.

Some people think the crying will never end,

For others the sorrow never begins.

Everybody needs to go at their own pace,

Because grief is not any kind of race.

Each person handles it differently.

A fact too many people refuse to see.

Ones who get through it in no time at all,

Are not the ones for sympathy to call.

If with grief you are stricken,

Call upon your Father in Heaven.

With Love In Christ,


July 28, 2013

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