Friends In Nursing Homes



It’s hard when friends have to go to nursing homes.

But harder yet when they’re in another town or state.

You only get to see them if their family brings them

for a visit, every year or so.

And if you’re sick, on that visit, to see them you can’t

even make.

Then when they’ve gone back “home”, all you can do

is cry.

The insurmountable sadness you just can’t shake,

For the time together, the visit, had to pass you by.

Collene was the first to go to a nursing home three years ago.

The nursing home is in Columbus, Indiana.

Her family has brought her to visit twice in the three years.

Sharon is the second one to go to a nursing home, and it’s

only this week that she’s being moved.

The nursing home is in Savannah, Georgia.

I don’t know if she’ll come back for visits or not.

Collene was the first and favorite friend I met after moving

to Kentucky in July of 1974.

Sharon was my favorite person at the apartment building

after she moved in sometime in 2008.

I’ve missed Collene for over three years, and I know I’m

going to miss Sharon also.

I’m just going to have to pray for strength from the Father above,

And ask Him to hold me in His arms of love.


Love One Of Your


Bonnie Jean



September 23, 2010

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