Frazer December 24, 1988


Friendly, a person you’d like to see.

Relative, that she is to me.

A sister to me she has become.

Zealous the life she lives, this one.

Envious of others she is not.

Rewarding and happy, the family she’s got.

She’s always so kind and nice,

Naturally, a gracious host.

She’s so easy to like,

Her love and friendship I hold close.

I wish I could know her better,

That I didn’t live so far away.

You can count on her, no matter,

To help in any way.

On her children’s team, she’s the coach.

At home, she’s the wife and Mother.

Her family is knit so close,

That them, her love will always cover.


Amanda Joy

                    December 24, 1988

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