When you can’t seem to make things go your way,

Don’t get discouraged and be willing to get in a corner and stay.

Stand up straight and tall and go on your way.

Trust in God throughout the day.


Whatever path you choose to tread,

Don’t be willing to be led.

Be the leader instead.

Show all that you’re ahead.


Try to follow in the way of Christ.

You will see the light.

It will lead you even through the night.

That way you will know you are right.


Don’t just trust one half or one fourth of the time.

That way you will find yourself lagging behind.

Your faith won’t be the right kind.

You need more faith to tighten the line.


Don’t be satisfied to call yourself a Christian

If your faith is this way,

For people will say, “I think I better stay away.”


Christ will come in if you will only open the door.

So as I have said before:


“Stand up straight and tall and go on your way.

Let God come in and trust in God throughoutnthe day.

Don’t reject Him or turn Him away.

Once you find Him you will want Him to stay.”


Don’t be shy.

Be willing to give him at least one real complete try.


Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)


April of 1969.  The first poem I wrote when my intense therapy first started that would span over forty years.

It was the first day of my first of many hospitalizations for the therapy.  I was in the hospital for a six weeks.

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