Forever More

How can there be a “forever more”
When all you see in your life is a “forever” closed door
For nothing more in life can be
When the door of death has closed on thee
When you’ve crossed over to the other shore
You cannot “stay and watch forever more”
You’ll see no more summers, winters, springs or falls
For you will have already seen your all
There will be no more sunshine, no cool-brisk breeze
You’ll hear no more birds sweetly sing, or snow gently falling
through the trees
You’ll never watch another foam-capped peak
break against the shore
You cannot “stay and watch forever more”
You’ll never more experience nature at its’ best
When in death you finally rest
You will not have even another minute
When you leave this life and all that’s
So as has been pointed out before
You cannot “stay and watch forever more”
So when it seems all there is is turmoil and strife
This is better by far than having no life
For in this you can grow and mature
And from time to time experience nature
But if death to you came because you were so heart-sore
You could not “stay and watch forever more”

Misty Allan

December 18, 1988

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