Even Though



Even though you’re not blood kin

And to this family you were married in

Even though you didn’t calm nighttime fears

And dry all of those foolish tears

Even though you didn’t worry through childhood diseases

Hear the coughs and God Bless the sneezes

And even though you didn’t tend skinned knees

Or push me in a swing through the breeze.

You’re my Pop and I love you a lot

And I don’t think about what you’re not

I know you’re here to stay, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now grown-up games we play and I thank God for you every day.

So don’t worry or think about the even thoughs

Just concentrate on the What I Knows.

What I know is that you married my Mother

And I sure am glad she didn’t marry any other.

What I know is what’s in my heart and soul

And I know you’ll be my Pop until I grow old.

I love you Pop,



Bonnie Jean


June 15, 2002 for Father’s Day.


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