Enjoy Your Time March 19, 1990


Enjoy your time with your baby while you can

For nobody knows what the future holds in its hand

Your baby really takes in all her time with you

Because she never knows when you’ll tell her with her you are through

She loves you more than anybody in the whole wide world

And to have a new mommy such as you, she’s a lucky little girl

She loves to be with  you so very much

There’s a special kind of love that both your hearts has touched

And you seem to love her so very much too

It’s your love that’s getting her through

Because before you started calling her and seeing her

she was ready to give up

She had had all she could handle and could take no more,

it was just getting too tough

Now that you’re in the picture she has hope and wants to live

And to you all her special love she wants to give

She wants to make you happy like you’ve made her

So enjoy your time with your new little girl

Bonnie Jean

March 19, 1990

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