Elizabeth December 24, 1988


Energetic as you travel to and fro.

Love to others you want to show.

Intelligent your questions, to help you grow.

Zoo is a place you like to go.

Animals you like to learn about and know.

Beauty you see in sunshine, rain or snow.

Enthusiasm always beaming so.

Tough things you tackle and aren’t even slow.

Help to others you give, the seed of love to sow.

You are part of a close knit family,

Which for you is very good.

You’ll always know you’re loved, and have responsibility,

As all growing children should.

I wish we lived closer together,

So I could see you frequently.

But since we’re hundred of miles apart,

Frequent visits just cannot be.

Just always remember I love you,

And you’re often in my thoughts.

And when I’m thinking of you,

My love, over the miles does cross.


Amanda Joy

                    December 24, 1988

                              To my niece.

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