Elisa September 26, 1988


Ever busy and on the go.

Learning about things you don’t know.

Intelligent for your very young age.

Surely are pretty and sweet.

Angelic when you sleep.

You are such a sweet little girl.

There’s none other like you in all the world.

Your Mom and Dad love you so very much,

As daily you, your brother and sister their hearts do touch.

Your Mama says you’re a lot like me.

Something that daily she does see.

You play with your blocks and toys,

And share them with other little girls and boys.

Your parents take you to Sunday School,

where you learn about the Golden Rule.

What I pray for you today,

Is for you to mature into a fine Christian lady.


Amanda Joy

                    To my niece and Goddaughter.

                              September 26, 1988

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