Dear God June 3, 1989



Dear God, I feel really bad right now,

Way down deep inside.

Today I just found out,

That yesterday, my good friends” Mother died.

They’ve been my friends for many years,

And helped me out a lot.

And now when they need help with their heartaches and tears,

Help to give is something I haven”t got.

There’s nothing I can do or say,

To help to ease their pain,

Except for the poem I wrote today,

As the words and verses came.

But, I just don’t feel that that’s enough,

To show what’s really there.

To give them comfort with love,

To show how much I care.

I just want to cry so very much.

But right now that’s something I can’t do.

For my feelings right now I can’t touch,

Because if I started to cry, I would never get through.

So Dear God, please stay with me,

Until after Monday night.

For that’s when I’ll be able to see,

If I can handle the hurt alright.

Thank You God,



                         June 3, 1989

To show what’s really there

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