Dawn July 25, 1988


Daily awakens me from my sleep.

Awakens me from my head to my feet.

Wisdom makes me want to seek.

Naturally in God’s sight quite unique.

Dawn, you’re as special as special can be.

I hope that fact this poem helps you to see.

You help people start the day,

In such a very special way.

You remind them that the Savior is there,

To help them handle each and every care.

You tell them all about the weather,

So they can dress right, all together.

You play songs you think are best,

And also play them upon request.

I hope this helps to brighten your day,

In almost every possible way.

I only wish it were your birthday.

Love In Christ,


A Thankful Listener

                    July 25, 1988                              6:45A.M.

                              To Dawn Copeland at WJMM Christian Radio

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