Colleen August 20, 1988


Caring like so few people today.

Others to help along her way.

Loving kindness is just her nature.

Laughing and fun is also within her.

Earnestly to make you feel welcome.

Never seen her that a smile didn’t come.

Christian qualities always displayed.

Her love and friendship always with you to stay.

She cares for people so very much.

Warm and affectionate is her touch.

She’s one you’re always glad to have met.

And proves the whole world isn’t bad yet.

And to her home you’re glad to return.

Her warmth and friendship to get a re-run.

So, Colleen just keep being the way you are.

And with your love and friendship, I’m better by far.


Amanda Joy

August 20, 1988 for your birthday 9-15-88

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