Christmas Without Pop January 22, 2012


 This Christmas without Pop

 Was one of the worst I have ever  had

 I miss him so very much

My heart is super sad

Every Christmas morning

A call to Mom and Pop was the first thing I did

They were so happy to get the call

It didn’t matter what I said

  I called them almost  every other day

So it”s not like from me they didn’t hear

But I live in another state

And they don’t hear from the kids who live near

Now that can’t happen

Since Pop passed away

I’ll no longer hear his voice

To brighten up my day

I can’t spend Christmas with Mom and Pop

Because Pop won’t be there

Since I don’t have a vehicle

I can’t go anywhere

Missing him is so bad

It gets harder every day

There’s no easing up for my being so sad

Like it’s supposed to happen, from what people say

Bonnie Jean

                                        January 2, 2012

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