CHRISTMAS November 28, 1988

Christ was born on this special day.

Hearts were filled in an awesome way.

Radiance from around Him beamed.

Inspired Wise Men, Prophets, and Kings.

Shepherds were led to Him that night.

That they too might gaze upon this sight.

Many were the gifts to him.

Angels sang their special hymns.

Spectacular His life to begin.

Christmas is the time of year,

When hearts are filled with love and good cheer.

But it really shouldn’t be this way.

For this should be how it is everyday.

Why should this time only, bring such a change,

That at this time, our lives, we rearrange.

Why can’t we keep this attitude,

Of genuine love and heartfelt gratitude?

How much better and brighter the world would be,

If all acted upon this when this fact they did see!

Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

                              November 28,  1988

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