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Crossroads In Life – 6/14/18

Crossroads In Life

People are afraid of the crossroads in life.

For many can’t handle the turmoil and strife.

There’s one important thing they need to know,

It’s the turmoil and strife that helps them to grow.

There are certain things most people will automatically do.

These are the milestones all doctors watch babies and children go through.

Gain weight, correct motor skills like-turn over, sit up,

crawl, talk, walk and run.

For most parents, watching and waiting for these are a lot of fun.

School things are next- passing each grade, dating, dances and

Junior and Senior proms.

A big one is graduation, and then to college they go on.

Then come the biggest ones of your life,

Your career and whether or not you want a husband or wife.

Without even thinking about it, these crossroads came,

And for most people they were either easy or with a lot of pain.

Then you have to decide where to live and whether to buy or rent,

To have children or not, which way will make you content.

Some call these crossroads, and to others they are stages,

But it’s OK to need and get help and not go into rages.

It doesn’t mean you are crazy or weak,

If you can’t handle it and help you seek.


June 14, 2018

Healing And Your Frame Of Mind – 5/6/18

Healing And Your Frame Of Mind

Your frame of mind affects your healing.

A bad frame of mind can set you reeling.

When you tell yourself you can’t do it,

There’s no way you’ll get through it.

You set yourself up to fail.

You can try as you may, but to no avail.

When you tell yourself that you’ll succeed

Then you’ve got the foundation that you need.

Be like the little engine that thought he could.

And your frame of mind will be what it should.

What you have to go through may be tough,

Bur your frame of mind will give you enough.

You may go through your trials fast,

And have happiness the rest of your life to last.

Or going through your trials may be slow,

But a good frame of mind will get you where you need to go.


May 6, 2018

A True Friends True Colors

A  True  Friends  True  Colors


A friends true colors you will see

When someone goes down in front of thee!

Do you stop to give him aid?

Or is a bee line for the door what is made?

Are you just a good weather friend?

Or do you stay through thick or thin?

Are you only there when things are going right?

Do you comfort him through the turmoils and strife?

Are you there for him no matter what?

Or is a superficial friend all he’s got?

A true friend is one you can count on day or night.

Whether things are going bad or going all right.

A true friend will be there come sunshine or rain.

He will cry with you in your losses and rejoice in your gains.

The way it is said matters not.

As long as a true friend is what you’ve got.


Amanda Joy



Written March 8, 2015



When Your Chair Runs Out Of Charge


When your chair runs out of charge again and again,

You get disgusted and may be upset.

It puts you and those around in a bind,

And with legs and feet hanging, you move step by step.

As  your legs and feet get really tired,

You hope someone will give you a push.

Then a kind person steps up to do it.

You sort of get a happy little rush.

In your heart you feel so much gratitude,

The person you thank and tell them that you appreciate them.

Then you repeat it again and again.

You want to make sure they heard what you were saying.

Next you wish that you had money,

So new batteries you could buy.

Needless to say you’d be grateful,

If someone would give you second hand ones you could try.

In the meantime you just pray a lot,

That things will change and get better.

And if they do just that,

You and your friends praise God together.

Bonnie Jean

                              February 28, 2012

Being Admitted To The Hospital


Being admitted to the hospital,

Can be scary or bring a relief.

You can let it keep you awake at night,

Or you can have peaceful sleep.

Just pray they find out what’s going on,

That they find it out right quick.

Then you can get back to your normal life,

As the problem you try to lick.

Granted some things are worse than others,

Because they are typically chronic instead of acute.

So you have to make up your mind,

To pull yourself up by your boots.

Keep your appointments with your doctor,

If you want to get well.

Your doctor will appreciate it,

And your sincerity he can tell.

With your doctor on your side,

You’re well on your way,

To getting yourself well,

And having a brighter day.

Bonnie Jean

                              February 22, 2012

Being In A Hospital


Being in the hospital is not the place to be.

For when you’re in a hospital, you lose your pride and dignity.

In a hospital you’re in one room all alone.

At home you’re always free to roam.

The hospital food usually isn’t very good.

At home you can season it how you think you should.

In a hospital you see others’ visitors come and go.

Whether or not you’ll have any, you never know.

In a hospital sleep is hard to be found.

At home you can sleep very sound.

In a hospital you miss your family and friends.

You hope they won’t be too busy to stop in.

In a hospital you really miss your pet.

Probably one of the hardest things to adjust to yet.

In a hospital you go there to hopefully get well.

And usually come out with quite some stories to tell.

When you get home, you hope not to come back.

But for some of us, that’s a reality we lack.

Bonnie Jean

                              May 22, 2011

My Birthday Today



My birthday today

was the worst I’ve had in years.

The fire on the  12Th floor Sunday

still has me angry and full of fear.

I only received

three cards from friends.

But, with no phone,

no calls could come in.

The new medicine the doctor put me on,

to calm me down, knocks me for a loop.

It’s impossible for me to stay awake,

and join in any group.

So to my apartment I have to come,

to stretch out across my bed.

Next thing I know it’s been hours,

before I raised my head.

And so it was for my birthday today,

as I might have known it would be.

I slept through most of it,

and only a few people said “Happy Birthday” to me.


Misty Allan

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)



March 22, 2008

I Don’t Understand March 20, 2008


The fire was Sunday, today is Thursday, but all I want to do is cry

My depression and all these feelings I have, I don’t understand why

I’m scared to sleep, I don’t want to eat, my whole body shakes with fear

I shudder every time I hear a siren, and wonder if it’s coming here

The fire has done something to me, something I can’t explain

There’s a fullness, an aching, a hurting, a much unwanted pain

I don’t understand the sadness, the anger, the pain or the fear

The emptiness and simultaneous fullness, the wanting to cry no matter where

I don’t understand the change in me, I was always the one to say we should “forgive”.

Now I find myself unable, up to my own preaching and advice to live

All of this makes me feel like I’m going crazy, just absolutely losing my mind

So how can people still like me, let alone be nice or kind?

How can I change what’s going on, when I’m too scared to even sleep?

How can I help myself do anything or my sanity even keep?

I’ve really gotten paranoid now, especially against the smell of smoke

Little signals go off in me, and I feel like I’m going to choke

Now people can see what smoking with oxygen can partially do

Any other resident that does it should be given notice to move

The fire has done something to me, something I can’t explain

There’s a fullness, an aching, a hurting, a much unwanted pain

I’m scared to sleep, I don’t want to eat, my whole body shakes with fear

I shudder every time I hear a siren, and wonder if it’s coming here

Bonnie Jean

March 20, 2008

The fire was on Sunday March 16, 2008.

It was in apartment #1213 and I live in apartment #1011.

The Fire March 20, 2008


This fire has done something to me, something I can’t explain

There’s a fullness, an aching, a hurting, a much unwanted pain

I’m scared to sleep, I don’t want to eat, I don’t feel safe any more

I want to move away from thin place, and on this memory close the door

But moving is something I cannot do, I have no place else to go

So I must stay when repairs start, and gasp for air

as the dust makes my breathing shallow

A selfish resident was the cause of the fire,

smoking with oxygen in the apartment

She didn’t care or think about anybody else,

just smoked to her contentment

Ashes fell in her chair and started smoldering, she fell asleep

The flames and smoke started raging, from her you didn’t hear a peep

Then the alarm sounded, the guard answered the call

He pulled her from the burning apartment, midst the smoke, the flames and all

All of a sudden down the elevator shafts, the water cascaded like white sheets

When the firemen arrived “It’s on the 12Th floor” with the news I did greet

So many fire trucks, ambulances, and firemen, the likes of which you seldom see

You would think there would be chaos and panic,

but everything was as organized as could be

I shudder every time I hear a siren, and wonder if it’s coming here

I don’t want to ear, I’m s cared to sleep, my whole body shakes with fear

This fire has done something to me, something I can’t explain

There’s a fullness, an aching, a hurting, a much unwanted pain

Bonnie Jean

March 20, 2008

The fire was in the high rise where I live on Sunday March 16, 2008.

It was in apartment #1213 and I live in apartment #1011.

Chaplain Dawson April 16, 2008


When Chaplain Dawson came and talked with me,

he doesn’t think it did any good,

because I could only cry.

But that was what I needed to do,

for that was what was bottled up inside.

Now I need to find a way to let him know and see,

That when he was here to talk and I mainly cried, that he really did help me.

I let my poems do most of my talking since I just kept on crying.

The harder and harder talking about the fire got, the more I kept

crying and trying.

It really was surprising when he got up to leave and said,

“I came to help you, but instead you helped me”.

I found that hard to understand with all the crying I did and

the poems I gave him to read.

He has to know he helped me and he did do some good,

Because even though I’m still scared to sleep, I don’t want to eat,

and I shudder with fear when I hear a sirene, I can feel a

changing in my mood.

That has to mean he’s helped me to start down the right road,

and the changing in my mood.

Is a sign I’m starting to lighten the load.

So now I hope Chaplain Dawson can see

when he came to talk with me he really did help me.

Thank you,

Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)

April 16, 2008

One month after the fire.