Being In A Hospital

BEING   IN   A   HOSPITAL Being in the hospital is not the place to be. For when you’re in a hospital, you lose your pride and dignity. In a hospital you’re in one room all alone. At home you’re always free to roam. The hospital food usually isn’t very good. At home you can season it… Continue reading Being In A Hospital

My Birthday Today

MY  BIRTHDAY  TODAY   My birthday today was the worst I’ve had in years. The fire on the  12Th floor Sunday still has me angry and full of fear. I only received three cards from friends. But, with no phone, no calls could come in. The new medicine the doctor put me on, to calm me… Continue reading My Birthday Today

The Fire March 20, 2008

THE  FIRE This fire has done something to me, something I can’t explain There’s a fullness, an aching, a hurting, a much unwanted pain I’m scared to sleep, I don’t want to eat, I don’t feel safe any more I want to move away from thin place, and on this memory close the door But… Continue reading The Fire March 20, 2008