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T E C H S – 6/3/18


Take patients vitals several times a day.

Ever ready to help patients in any way.

Cares about what the patients have to say.

Helps in even non medical ways.

Shares their knowledge every day.

Tech do what many people ask them to,

This goes for doctors, nurses, and patients too.

It seems they are always on the go,

Searching for things to and fro.

They start out searching on their wing,

But sometimes have to go on other wings for things.

They seldom come back empty handed,

Guess you could compare them to a bandit.

They check on patients night and day,

Ready to get whatever the patients say.

They come whenever you ring the bell,

Ready to clean up spills as well.


June 3, 2018

Working In A Nursing Home – 6/11/18

Working In A Nursing Home

Working in a nursing home isn’t very easy.

You have to have nerves of steel and be pleasing.

The short term patients are bad enough,

But the permanent residents are really tough.

Temporary patients will be gone soon.

Permanent ones are there for endless blue moons.

Temporary ones leave when therapy is done.

Permanent ones actions go on and on.

With both there are ones that only sleep.

With others their where a bouts are hard to keep.

Some will NEVER stop their chatter,

Others never show anything is the matter.

You always have to stay on your toes,

Because what’s going to happen next, no one knows.


June 11, 2018

Crossroads In Life – 6/14/18

Crossroads In Life

People are afraid of the crossroads in life.

For many can’t handle the turmoil and strife.

There’s one important thing they need to know,

It’s the turmoil and strife that helps them to grow.

There are certain things most people will automatically do.

These are the milestones all doctors watch babies and children go through.

Gain weight, correct motor skills like-turn over, sit up,

crawl, talk, walk and run.

For most parents, watching and waiting for these are a lot of fun.

School things are next- passing each grade, dating, dances and

Junior and Senior proms.

A big one is graduation, and then to college they go on.

Then come the biggest ones of your life,

Your career and whether or not you want a husband or wife.

Without even thinking about it, these crossroads came,

And for most people they were either easy or with a lot of pain.

Then you have to decide where to live and whether to buy or rent,

To have children or not, which way will make you content.

Some call these crossroads, and to others they are stages,

But it’s OK to need and get help and not go into rages.

It doesn’t mean you are crazy or weak,

If you can’t handle it and help you seek.


June 14, 2018

The Magical City


There once was a magical city.

The city, called Atlantis, was deep underwater.

People who lived there just knew it was para-dise.

For this city was ever so pretty.

But some people did not do as they ought-a.

The bad people made the city not quite so nice.

One day a lady was talking to someone at home.

She was on the “President’s Team”,

And should have been given respect.

On this day there was one man who stood alone.

He talked to the lady really mean.

When she said he should apologize,the meaner he’d get.

Finally she had had enough of his mouth.

So the “Golden Guardians” were called.

When they came, his punishment he saw.

The order was given to cut his tongue out.

Then before others started to mouth off, they’d stall.

Or they too would be punished to the extent of the law.

The lady didn’t like what she had ordered to be done,

But to get her point across, this action had to be done.

Bonnie Jean

                              March 17, 2012

Hospital Food


Some people think that hospital food,

Is really really bad.

I have actually heard some people say,

It was the worst they’ve ever had.

As for me, I feel very different,

I actually like the food.

For I know it’s cooked very healthy,

And that for me it’s actually good.

The people that don’t like it,

Don’t like to eat what’s healthy.

Obviously they don’t want

To be Health Wealthy.

They say that the food,

Just has no taste.

So they think that it’s OK,

All this good food to waste.

The reason the seasoning is light,

Should be easy to understand,

So that we can learn a new way to live

And have more, and better, years on this land.

Bonnie Jean

                              March 3, 2012

Finding Out You’re NPO


When you find out you’re NPO,

And you’re as hungry and thirsty as can be,

There’s nothing you can do,

As you will quickly see.

You just have to wait it out,

Until the time is done.

Then to your relief,

When you ask, the food and cola will come.

It tastes so good when you get it,

You eat it very fast,

For fear you will turn around,

And find the dream has passed.

Much to your surprise,

When you turn, some food is still there.

Then you realize,

There never was a dream anywhere.

So you spend the rest of the day,

Feeling really really good,

Knowing the NPO is over,

And you can finally have cola and food.

Bonnie Jean

                              March 3, 2012

Waiting At The Doctor’s Office


Waiting at the doctor’s office,

Seems a waste of time.

You get there before your appointment,

But you’re never seen on time.

If you get there late, you should have been early,

And everything would have been fine.

But since you got there late,

You lose your place in line.

Next time things will be different,

To yourself you make this vow.

So you get ready and leave early,

Making things good for now.

Looking up the road, traffic is backed up.

You start to ruffle your brow.

Once again your appointment is lost,

And you can’t help but wonder how.

(To be continued later.)

Bonnie Jean

                              February 29, 2012

When Your Chair Runs Out Of Charge


When your chair runs out of charge again and again,

You get disgusted and may be upset.

It puts you and those around in a bind,

And with legs and feet hanging, you move step by step.

As  your legs and feet get really tired,

You hope someone will give you a push.

Then a kind person steps up to do it.

You sort of get a happy little rush.

In your heart you feel so much gratitude,

The person you thank and tell them that you appreciate them.

Then you repeat it again and again.

You want to make sure they heard what you were saying.

Next you wish that you had money,

So new batteries you could buy.

Needless to say you’d be grateful,

If someone would give you second hand ones you could try.

In the meantime you just pray a lot,

That things will change and get better.

And if they do just that,

You and your friends praise God together.

Bonnie Jean

                              February 28, 2012

Being Admitted To The Hospital


Being admitted to the hospital,

Can be scary or bring a relief.

You can let it keep you awake at night,

Or you can have peaceful sleep.

Just pray they find out what’s going on,

That they find it out right quick.

Then you can get back to your normal life,

As the problem you try to lick.

Granted some things are worse than others,

Because they are typically chronic instead of acute.

So you have to make up your mind,

To pull yourself up by your boots.

Keep your appointments with your doctor,

If you want to get well.

Your doctor will appreciate it,

And your sincerity he can tell.

With your doctor on your side,

You’re well on your way,

To getting yourself well,

And having a brighter day.

Bonnie Jean

                              February 22, 2012

In The ER





When you’re in the ER

And you don’t really want to be

There’s not a lot that you can do

As you will quickly see

You might as well accept it

And go along with the flow

You’ll find it’s better for everyone

As things much easier go

So make friends with the doctors and nurses

Instead of enemies

Then they’ll like coming into your room

And you’ll much happier be

It’s better to laugh than to cry

For when you laugh endorphins are released

Crying just makes you feel worse

The endorphins give you inner peace

Obviously being in the ER

Is whatever experience you make of it

You can make it good or bad

But I will choose to make myself better for the trip

Bonnie Jean

February 22, 2012