The Snow Has Fallen

THE  SNOW  HAS  FALLEN The snow has fallen to the ground It never even made a sound The rain falls with a patter pat Snow falling never sounded like that Everything is covered in a blanket of white It’s a joy to look out on such a picturesque sight On the streets are beautiful cars… Continue reading The Snow Has Fallen


SPRING Spring will arrive very soon. Sleeping trees and flowers will awaken and bloom, You will be able to see it everywhere. The fresh new scent will be in the air. First all that’s there is a little green. Then the beautiful colors come on the scene. Next come the birds and the bees, To… Continue reading Spring


AUTUMN   Hear the rustling of the leaves Feel the crisp autumn breeze The colors in their vast array Seem to change every day Summer’s now in the past Winter’s cold is coming fast Enjoy the moment now at hand Autumn’s the time before winter’s rest Hibernating animals build their nest The time when nature… Continue reading Autumn

The Snow

THE SNOW   The snow is gently coming down, As silently it covers the ground. All around is a blanket of snow, Announcing winter so all may know. Children are excited and squeal with glee, At this wonderful sight they see. To go outside they can hardly wait, So many amazing things they can create.… Continue reading The Snow