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The Snow Has Fallen


The snow has fallen to the ground

It never even made a sound

The rain falls with a patter pat

Snow falling never sounded like that

Everything is covered in a blanket of white

It’s a joy to look out on such a picturesque sight

On the streets are beautiful cars

All are equal and show no dents or flaws

Children don’t pay attention to the cold

Playing in the snow never gets old

Even dogs like the white fluff

For they dig around with their nose in the stuff

They come in with snow stuck to their fur

Shaking it off, looking like a big blur

For children, all too soon the snow fades

The sun comes out, and melts it away

Then they become grumpy and crabby

They definitely show that they are unhappy

Their Mom calls them inside, to learn to bake

Keeping them amazed by what they make

Bonnie Jean

                              January 16, 2012

Babbling Brook November 7, 2007


Babbling brook as you babble on

I could watch and listen all day long

You make an upset heart be serene

Yet you never say a thing

You calm me down when I want to cry

But I don’t understand how or why

I want to be a part of you, I want to stay

This is something only to God I can say

People would think I’m crazy,

they wouldn’t understand

I love God’s creations,

the water and the land

Babbling brook as you babble on

I shut out the world

and listen to your sweet song

I’d like to stay forever,

but that I cannot do

For someone would surely stop me

If I tried to get closer to you

Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)

November 7, 2007




The time of day:

To cease your labors,relax and rest


To quieten down the children

And gather them back to the nest


To gaze out at nature, the colors in vast array

To listen to evening sounds, what she has to say.


The beauty that’s all around us

Our eyes can plainly see.


We thank our Heavenly Father above:

For the world He’s given to you and me


And for His loving kindness

And giving us His Son


His never ending love

For each and every one.


For all these things we give Him thanks and honor and praise

And for always being with us through each and every day


Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)


This poem was published in Whispers In The Wind by Quill Books.

The Snow December 6, 1991


The snow comes swirling, twirling down

Landing gently upon the ground

Only slightly making a sound

You feel the coolness of the flakes

And notice the many beautiful shapes

Watching what the wind and snow will make

The glistening branches of the trees

The snow blowing with every breeze

Making you feel happy and at ease

Quietly the little stream

Blends with the winter scene

Changed by the snow’s sheen

Evening shadows are crisp and bare

Leaving mystical shapes in the air

Creating artwork everywhere

Then you noticeother sights

The wind blowing snow around the lights

The reflections off the snow at night

Morning comes with muffled sounds

And there’s white beauty all around

Because the snow lays on the ground

Bonnie Jean

December 6, 1991

The Sun and Sunshine February 27, 1991


The sun sparkles on the water still

rippling with every wave

It glistens on the crystal snow so chill

warming in a special way

It peeks over the mountains high

welcoming a bright new day

Lowering in the valley with a sigh

signaling rest is on its’ way

The sunshine plays through the leaves

in the trees so tall

And comes through the rain with ease

leaving a rainbow for all

It warms the fresh spring meadows in a breeze

setting in the grass so tall

It reflects off the windows as it may please

bringing warmth and happiness to all

The suncan do so many different things

in so many different ways

The sunshine seems to add zip or zing

to brighten so many days

Bonnie Jean

February 27, 1991

The Little Bird August 23, 1990


She cried and cried for the little bird

Such a pitiful cry I have never heard

This little bird was saved from the cat

And she was very happy about that

It chirped a little as she picked it up

And in her hands did gently cup

She stroked the feathered head

But did not know the bird was dead

She thought the bird had gone to sleep

When no longer she did hear a peep

She was given a little shovel and told a hole to dig

And to put the bird in it and cover it up because the bird was dead

She wondered why she put dirt all over this little bird

Just because a peep was no longer heard

Why cover it up when it’s just asleep

She wondered about it later and started to weep

Then she really started to cry

And wondered what it means to die

She cried and cried for the little bird

Such a pitiful cry I have never heard

Bonnie Jean

August 23, 1990

To a little 7 year old girl.

This poem won an Honorable Mention December 12, 1990 from the World Of Poetry.

The Fish Tanks July 28, 1992


I have some fish tanks

That hold my many fish

When I watch them swim

Their tails go swish, swish,swish

It’s fun to watch them play

Chasing each other about

I sit down and relax

Letting the tensions out

Always at feeding time

They all gather at the front

From the very biggest fish

To the smallest little runt

When I turn each tank’s light out

Because the night has come

They slowly settle down

Each and every one

Then thinking about each fish

What’s amazing to me

Is realizing each fish

Has a different personality

Bonnie Jean

July 28, 1992

Clouds July 11, 1990


Clouds are very pretty as they silently speak

They tell you what to say in a way that’s really neat

As I looked out the window and saw the clouds passing by

They told me the silence was past and now it was time to cry

They showed me what to cry about, and then eased my pain

Then showed me rest time was over, and time to cry again

And so the time went, for I don’t know how long

As the clouds spoke, never telling me to do anything wrong

And I am so thankful that I saw the clouds today

And I was able to hear what they had to say

Bonnie Jean

July 11, 1990

N A T U R E F O R E V E R M O R E December 17, 1988

Nature Forever More
As the waves gently break upon the shore
I could stay and watch forever more
As nature oh so gently speaks
With each foam-capped breaking peak
As the wind rushes through the trees
Bringing nature’s cool, brisk breeze
And as the snow falls gently to natures’ floor
I could stay and watch forever more
As the sun shines through the clouds and trees
And as you watch the snow falling, you can see the breeeze
Nature has beautifully opened her door
I could stay and watch forever more
You stand perfectly still, as if in a trance
And try to take in what nature offers, by chance
And hope she will not close the door
I could stay and watch forever more
You want to remember all that you hear and see
For a chance like this, for you, does not often come to be
Nature has so much to offer, she could never be poor
I could stay and watch forever more
You hear the birds so sweetly sing
And “hear” the snow falling, such a beautiful thing
And wish that time would not knock your door
I could stay and watch forever more
And much too soon, it’s time to leave
Such hurt and sadness you do perceive
Now on nature, you must close the door
But I could stay and watch forever more
Amanda Joy
December 17, 1988
After a trip to the Kentucky River in the winter.

Forever More

How can there be a “forever more”
When all you see in your life is a “forever” closed door
For nothing more in life can be
When the door of death has closed on thee
When you’ve crossed over to the other shore
You cannot “stay and watch forever more”
You’ll see no more summers, winters, springs or falls
For you will have already seen your all
There will be no more sunshine, no cool-brisk breeze
You’ll hear no more birds sweetly sing, or snow gently falling
through the trees
You’ll never watch another foam-capped peak
break against the shore
You cannot “stay and watch forever more”
You’ll never more experience nature at its’ best
When in death you finally rest
You will not have even another minute
When you leave this life and all that’s
So as has been pointed out before
You cannot “stay and watch forever more”
So when it seems all there is is turmoil and strife
This is better by far than having no life
For in this you can grow and mature
And from time to time experience nature
But if death to you came because you were so heart-sore
You could not “stay and watch forever more”

Misty Allan

December 18, 1988