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G R I E F – 7/28/13


Getting in touch with your inner self

Requesting from others understanding and help

Involve yourself in different things

Enveloping the feelings it brings

Free to laugh, cry or do anything

Grief is experienced in many ways,

By different people everyday.

Some get through it very quick,

For others, it’s throws, they just can’t lick.

Some people think the crying will never end,

For others the sorrow never begins.

Everybody needs to go at their own pace,

Because grief is not any kind of race.

Each person handles it differently.

A fact too many people refuse to see.

Ones who get through it in no time at all,

Are not the ones for sympathy to call.

If with grief you are stricken,

Call upon your Father in Heaven.

With Love In Christ,


July 28, 2013

Carol – April 20, 2017


Carol from this life has passed.

She’ll walk the streets of gold at last.

She’s been so kind and loving

to her family and friends

Now her eternal life she will begin


Hearts are sad and eyes full of tears.

For Carol, whom they’ve loved for many years.

But they really shouldn’t be so sad.

They have fond memories to make them glad.


To help them get through every day,

Their Heavenly Father has provided a way.

Their Heavenly Father above,

Will reach down and hold them,

in His arms of love.


We Miss You And Love You Carol

From Your Friends

In loving memory of Carol, whom the Lord called home April 20, 2017.

Written by Bonnie Jean Hern

G R A N N Y July 24, 1978

G  R  A  N  N  Y
Grand as a second mother, and as any grandmother can be
Responding to people’s needs around her, that she would see
Able to work well with children, as she was a teacher
Never turning you away, but giving of advice like a preache
Name of “Nanny” we gave her, when we were quite small
Yearning to be with her Lord, at the end her all in all
This was my Nanny as best I can see
I just hope she knew how much she meant to me
Now I know she’s happy, and no longer is she in pain, for she’s in Heaven with
with her Lord, a grand and glorious thing.
Amanda Joy,
August 27, 1978
In memory of my Nanny, whom the Lord called to be with Him July 24, 1978.