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Happy Father’s Day – June 20, 2010


Happy Father’s Day Pop.

I love you so very much.

There’s no way I can tell you,

How my life and heart you have touched.

I wish you had been,

My Pop all along.

Then things in my life,

Would not have gone wrong.

Nothing would make me happier,

Than what I’m about to say.

I wish that I lived closer,

So I could see you every day.

(A/K/A  MammaHen)

June 20, 2010

Fifty Years – July 26, 2018

Fifty Years

You’ve been married fifty years of your life.

It was then Sheila; you took Gary for your husband,
and Gary, you took Sheila for your wife.
Sometimes have been happy, and some have been sad.
Some times were good, and some times were bad.
But your love for each other made most of them glad.

Glad you met each other, and that together you stayed.
Glad that the decision to marry each other you made.
From then on, no decisions were made alone,
Whether to buy a house, have children, or what phone to own.

When traveling across the USA, away from work, going to “play.”
You and your children experienced different adventures every day.
If an adventure on the water, with your plans, was more in tune,
Then you used your houseboat you built on a pontoon.

While watching their Father, with the things he would make,
There were valuable life lessons the children would learn, and with them take.

Staying happily married for any number of years is tough enough,
But adding children to the mix can make it really rough.
Balancing Church, work, and home is a monumental task. Now for fifty years, with flying colors, this job you have superbly passed.

Mom, Dad, we love you both so very much, as
every minute and hour, since our birth, our hearts you continuously touch.

We Love You, Mom and Dad,

Your Children

Written for Amber – by Bonnie Jean Hern,( A/K/A MammaHen).                                                                                            July 26, 2018

Julia – June 17, 2018



          Joy to her family and friends.                                                                                 Understanding that never ends.                                                                           Love from deep in her heart.                                                                                 Interested in many things.                                                                                       Always refuses to not try and give in.


Julia is someone you’re glad to meet.                                                                    She is bubbly and so sweet.                                                                                    You’re lucky to have her as a friend.                                                                      You’ll be happier when your life she’s in.

Love,                                                                                                                          MammaHen

June 17, 2018



Jacquie – June 20, 2018



Just knowing her uplifts you from within.                                                            Adored by her family and friends.                                                                      Caution in fun she throws to the winds.                                                              Queen Bee of her closest friends.                                                                          Unique in every imaginable way.                                                                          Inspires others in special waves.                                                                Enjoys life with surprising others on different days.

Jacquie is such a special friend to others she knows.                                         Seeing her coming can make you glow.                                                               When she’s around you can’t be sad.                                                                    She finds different ways to make you glad.                                                          Your sadness can’t stay when she’s near.                                                            Her care and love for you is always there.                                                         You secretly wish that time will fly.                                                                       Until the next time you see her and say hi.                                                          There’s no way to explain how happy you’ve been                                            Since the first day, by chance to your life she came in.

                                                            With Love,                                                                                                                  MammaHen

   June 20, 2018





Love Is August 12, 1972



Love is what you want it to be

For people to know, feel and see.

Love is inside and outside too

It’s for me and its for you

Love is in many different forms

It comes and goes in dabs and swarms

Love is sometimes classed as a fever

Other times it’s said to be like a lever

Love is a fever when it affects the mind

Love is a lever when it’s turned on or off at any time

Love is really hard to explain

It causes warmth and it causes pain

Love is…just exactly no one knowsa

I only hope between you and me it grows

I also hope that this thing called love

Is blessed for us by our Father above


Amanda Joy

                    August 12, 1972

Mama September 18, 1988


Many were the hours spent.

Always on the go.

Many were the prayers you sent.

As the art of mothering you sought to know.

It must have really been hard for you.

As a young new wife.

When only a month after your anniversary,

You held that precious, new, little life.

You hadn’t even had time to adjust.

To a new home, family, and friends.

When this thing called mothering,

Had to dutifully begin.

What in the world were you to do.

With this helpless little life.

And how were you to know,

If what you did was wrong or right?

You had to do as all,

Mothers before you had done,

And go on instinct and in faith,

To care for this new little one.

And over many more years,

With five more bundles you were blessed.

And with each in succession,

You always did your best.

Sure you made a lot of mistakes,

For there’s no one that’s always right.

The only one to ever be like that,

Has us always in His sight.

That’s why God sent us His son,

To be the only way,

To forgive us for our mistakes and sins,

That we make every day.

I love you through the will of God,

I want to control my life.

And if He’s forgiven me and you, then I will too,

For I know that that’s what’s right.

And now as you continue in your walk of life,

I wish for you only the best.

And may God be with you the rest of your life,

To help you in every test.

Mama, I Love You,

Amanda Joy

          September 18, 1988

Aunt Eunice October 16, 1988

Aunt  Eunice

               Always concerned about others.

               Understanding their hurts and needs.

               Nice person for a friend or second mother.

               Talking to those hurting within that she sees.

               Earnestly she goes about.

                Unwilling to let opportunities pass.

               Name of Jesus she talks about.

               Insuring His love will last.

               Caring she talks and does not shout.

               Eternal life with Christ the best.

Aunt Eunice will always talk to you.

About the best of friends.

She’ll explain salvation to you

So you can open your heart and let Christ in.

She is so very caring and kind.

I can’t find words to do her justice.

Just know she’ll help however she can.

And offer you love, caring, and warm touches.

Aunt Eunice, you’re so special to me.

I love you so very much.

Just imagine me right there beside you.

Giving a loving hug and a warm touch.


Amanda Joy

          October 16, 1988

Judy September 12, 1977


Judy is an ordinary name.

One that at some time or another all probably hear.

But to me it’s a special name.

The name of a person quite dear.

          J is for the joy given to others.

          U is for the understanding very near.

          D is for doing everyday of the year.

          Y is for the yielding spirit given to the Lord so dear.

Judy is the name you have.

And to others also quite dear.

For I know she’s one of God’s children.

Just waiting for Jesus to reappear

                    September 12, 1977

Beth July 12, 1985


Beauty of the best kind, right from the heart.

Eager and earnest to always do her part.

Thoughtful of others each and every day.

Happiness she gives all along the way.

Beth you are really a nice sweet girl.

There’s none other like you in all the world.

You’re very special to your Mom and Dad.

And for your sister too they’re glad.

Your sister loves you as only a sister could.

And you love her as all sisters should.

All your friends love you and wish you only the best.

In giving others love and friendship you pass the test.

Beth, I’m sorry that for your birthday this wish is late.

But I too think you’re pretty great.


Amanda Joy

                    July 12, 1985

To Beth Crawford on her birthday, but it was late.

Jennifer September 8, 1985

Joyfully she goes about.

Eager to laugh, play and shout

Nice to people that she meets.

Never lacks words for those she greets.

Interested in the world around.

Friends for her always abound.

Earnest always to ask and learn.

Ready love to give and receive in turn.

Jennifer you’re really a nice sweet girl.

There’s none other like you in all the world.

You’re very special to your Mon and Dad,

And for your sister too they’re glad.

Your sister loves you as only a sister could.

And you love her as all sisters should.

All your friends love you and wish you only the best,

In giving others love and friendship you pass the test.


Amanda Joy

September 8, 1985

To Jennifer Crawford for her birthday.