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Because You Served – For Memorial Day 2017


Because you served,

America is free.

That freedom is shared by almost everybody.


Because you served,

People can worship where they like,

any day of the week and even at night.


We can carry our Bible almost anywhere we go.

We can share our religion with those we want to know.


All of this is possible, because you served.


We appreciate it with all our heart.

And tell you with our words.

So please believe me when I say,

You are loved and appreciated, each and every day.

And I thank God for you every time I pray.


Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

Written May 29, 2017 for Memorial Day

Christina November 24, 1989 – Thanksgiving



Cherub little girl I see.

Heart full of love.

Rewarding happy memories.

Is what you are full of.

Sweet and pretty as can be.

Tries so very hard.

Inquisitive, curious, happy and free.

Nature so very Good.

Angel is what you’ll always be.

Christina, you’re such a special little girl.

There is none other like you in all the world.

Your Mother loves you so very much.

Her heart, always, you will touch.

Truly you’re a gift from God.

And always to be cherished, and loved.

With Love,

Amanda Joy

                    November 24, 1988 – Thanksgiving

CHRISTMAS November 28, 1988



Christ was born on this special day.

Hearts were filled in an awesome way.

Radiance from around Him beamed.

Inspired Wise Men, Prophets, and Kings.

Shepherds were led to Him that night.

That they too might gaze upon this sight.

Many were the gifts to him.

Angels sang their special hymns.

Spectacular His life to begin.

Christmas is the time of year,

When hearts are filled with love and good cheer.

But it really shouldn’t be this way.

For this should be how it is everyday.

Why should this time only, bring such a change,

That at this time, our lives, we rearrange.

Why can’t we keep this attitude,

Of genuine love and heartfelt gratitude?

How much better and brighter the world would be,

If all acted upon this when this fact they did see!

Love In Christ,


                              November 28,  1988

“Christmas” Time July 28, 1992



Children like this time of year.

Hearts are light and full of cheer.

Radiance is noticed everywhere.

Inside people feel a change.

Sharing and smiling carolers sing.

Thankful for life and everything.

Making sure all is done.

Anticipation is half the fun

Santa surely now will come.

It seemed like Christmas day

never would get here

The children’s anticipation

filled half of the year

On this eve, their eyes

are so very big

It is really hard

to get them to go to bed

And when they awaken

to fruit, candy and toys

There sure are some happy

little girls and boys


          July 28, 1992

Christmas Is Over December 25, 2011


Christmas is over

Presents have been unwrapped

This is the time

Some people take things back

I don’t understand this

It’s very strange to me

For I was taught to appreciate

Whatever I got, you see

The only reason to take something back

As I was sternly taught

Was if it didn’t fit

And to keep it was for naught

But things are very different

In this day and time

Something might be taken back

Just because it has a crooked line

Then there are people

Who don’t like the presents they get

They just turn around

And simply regift

Bonnie Jean

                                   December 25, 2011

The Real Christmas December 14, 2011


The celebration of a birthday.

The birth of Christ our Lord.

Celebrate in a special way.

With music and sacred words.

People should put on the brakes,

 On the way Christmas is now.

Change how they’re doing it.

  And but how and now.

Commercialization has grown too big.

Religion has shrunk too small.

If something isn’t done soon,

There may end up no religion at all.

Children should be told the true story,

And how the giving of gifts came to be.

They will grow up better adults,

We will have to just wait and see.

So remember during the holiday,

What the real true meaning is.

And make it really special,

For both adults and kids.

Bonnie Jean

                              December 14, 2011



Presents And Money


The presents have been bought.

The money has been spent.

You look at what you bought,

And wonder where the money went.

The presents that you bought,

Don’t look all that expensive.

The list of those to receive them,

Isn’t all that extensive.

I hope the friends like what they receive,

Because if they don’t,

There’s nothing I can do to please,

For the things they want.

What ever happened to

 It’s the thought that counts?

So that in our bodies,

Not a lot of stress will mount.

I’m going to go back,

To that point in time,

So that between presents and money,

I won’t lose my mind.

Bonnie Jean

                              December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving Without Pop


The day to be thankful for all the things you’ve got.

Now thankful I am, but happy I’m not.

For this is the first thanksgiving without my Pop.

 This has been a year of missing firsts.

It’s made me sad and my heart hurt.

I’ve been so sad that at times I’ve been curt.

My Pop had been so very nice,

For thirty-one years of my life,

Being without him just doesn’t seem right.

I didn’t get to make my annual call,

To talk to Mom and Pop and all.

It’s like I felt my heart actually fall.

Although I miss him here below,

I would never want it to actually be so,

Even though our love to each other we could show.

My heart will now forever be sad.

I miss the wonderful times we had.

And how Mom and Pop made me so glad.

I know Pop sees me from above.

He sends down gracious love,

And envelopes me like a glove.


Bonnie Jean

                                   November 24, 2011

Easter March 23, 2008 (Date Written)



Every Christian rejoices today

The Savior has risen to return someday

He promised in three days the temple to raise

Olden day Christians were so amazed

They thought He was talking of a temple of clay

But instead found an empty tomb, the stone was rolled away

They thought His body was stolen by those He had been attended

Their friends and His disciples told them that

to His Father God He had ascended

Easter is our promise, the Bible tells us so,

that a trumpet will sound, and to Him all,

even the dead, in Christ, will go

So Easter is a most joyful time, for three days

earlier to have been so sad

All Christians can rejoice and be

exceedingly glad


Bonnie Jean


Easter Sunday – March 23, 2008






Good Friday March 21, 2008 (Date Written)


What’s so good about the Friday

when Jesus was crucified?

That’s the day Christians became justified.

Now when I die, to Heaven’s gates I will be let in.

For it’s just-if-I’d (justified) never sinned.

Jesus fulfilled the destiny His Father sent Him to do.

On that cross He paid for all of our sins,

that goes for you and me too.

If it hadn’t have been for Good Friday,

when we die we’d go to hell

And there would be no “Wondrous Story”,

for us Christians to tell.

So look deeper than the surface to find out

about what something is called.

And the knowledge that you glean may

surprise you for once and for all.

Bonnie Jean

March 21, 2008 – Good Friday