Christina November 24, 1989 – Thanksgiving

  CHRISTINA Cherub little girl I see. Heart full of love. Rewarding happy memories. Is what you are full of. Sweet and pretty as can be. Tries so very hard. Inquisitive, curious, happy and free. Nature so very Good. Angel is what you’ll always be. Christina, you’re such a special little girl. There is none… Continue reading Christina November 24, 1989 – Thanksgiving

Presents And Money

PRESENTS  AND  MONEY The presents have been bought. The money has been spent. You look at what you bought, And wonder where the money went. The presents that you bought, Don’t look all that expensive. The list of those to receive them, Isn’t all that extensive. I hope the friends like what they receive, Because… Continue reading Presents And Money

Thanksgiving Without Pop

THANKSGIVING  WITHOUT  POP The day to be thankful for all the things you’ve got. Now thankful I am, but happy I’m not. For this is the first thanksgiving without my Pop.  This has been a year of missing firsts. It’s made me sad and my heart hurt. I’ve been so sad that at times I’ve… Continue reading Thanksgiving Without Pop

Valentine’s Day

VALENTINE”S DAY   Valentine’s Day is the day of hearts When lover’s vow never to part. It’s a day of happiness and love to celebrate, The candy, the jewelry, the special date.   Of cards and roses and really big hugs, Of laughter and memories and growing love. You love each other more than you… Continue reading Valentine’s Day