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Happy Father’s Day – June 20, 2010


Happy Father’s Day Pop.

I love you so very much.

There’s no way I can tell you,

How my life and heart you have touched.

I wish you had been,

My Pop all along.

Then things in my life,

Would not have gone wrong.

Nothing would make me happier,

Than what I’m about to say.

I wish that I lived closer,

So I could see you every day.

(A/K/A  MammaHen)

June 20, 2010

Mama September 18, 1988


Many were the hours spent.

Always on the go.

Many were the prayers you sent.

As the art of mothering you sought to know.

It must have really been hard for you.

As a young new wife.

When only a month after your anniversary,

You held that precious, new, little life.

You hadn’t even had time to adjust.

To a new home, family, and friends.

When this thing called mothering,

Had to dutifully begin.

What in the world were you to do.

With this helpless little life.

And how were you to know,

If what you did was wrong or right?

You had to do as all,

Mothers before you had done,

And go on instinct and in faith,

To care for this new little one.

And over many more years,

With five more bundles you were blessed.

And with each in succession,

You always did your best.

Sure you made a lot of mistakes,

For there’s no one that’s always right.

The only one to ever be like that,

Has us always in His sight.

That’s why God sent us His son,

To be the only way,

To forgive us for our mistakes and sins,

That we make every day.

I love you through the will of God,

I want to control my life.

And if He’s forgiven me and you, then I will too,

For I know that that’s what’s right.

And now as you continue in your walk of life,

I wish for you only the best.

And may God be with you the rest of your life,

To help you in every test.

Mama, I Love You,

Amanda Joy

          September 18, 1988

Aunt Eunice October 16, 1988

Aunt  Eunice

               Always concerned about others.

               Understanding their hurts and needs.

               Nice person for a friend or second mother.

               Talking to those hurting within that she sees.

               Earnestly she goes about.

                Unwilling to let opportunities pass.

               Name of Jesus she talks about.

               Insuring His love will last.

               Caring she talks and does not shout.

               Eternal life with Christ the best.

Aunt Eunice will always talk to you.

About the best of friends.

She’ll explain salvation to you

So you can open your heart and let Christ in.

She is so very caring and kind.

I can’t find words to do her justice.

Just know she’ll help however she can.

And offer you love, caring, and warm touches.

Aunt Eunice, you’re so special to me.

I love you so very much.

Just imagine me right there beside you.

Giving a loving hug and a warm touch.


Amanda Joy

          October 16, 1988

Kelly August of 1981


Keen to my feelings.

Earnest to make me happy.

Lovingly to hold me.

Laughingly to tease me.

Yet never ceasing to please me.

I love you more than you’ll ever know.

And more than I could ever show.

Love is the greatest thing two people could ever share.

To bring to one being the love of a pair.

A feeling that overwhelms and possesses.

Yet is allowed to bless us.


Bonnie Jean

                    August of 1981

Kelly June 13, 1982


Keep on being the person you are.

Enjoy life as never before.

Look for the good things life has to give.

Love the life God gave you to live.

Yet always love me too, as I do you.

Times have been bad, and times have been good.

But don’t let times get between us and our love.

Love can be weak and love can be strong.

With the praise and glory of God it will last our life long.

Love won’t just last, but it will grow strong.

And we’ll also be happy our whole life-long.

Happiness isn’t a state of mind depending on things around us.

But a feeling and being from the heart within us.


Bonnie Jean

                    June 13, 1982

Tammy And Kevin September 17, 1988


Taking on more responsibility.

As you continue in your walk in life.

Marrying him and his family.

Making yourself his wife.

Yielding to his new responsibility.


Keep her ever close to you.

Enjoy the love God gave you to share.

Victory in life and marriage will come to you,

If you keep God at the center of the pair.

Not allowing disharmony to come to you.

The marriage vows are given by God,

And therefore sacred indeed.

You must strive daily the vows to keep.

And their message to heed.

There is no greater bond or better union than marriage,

In which to participate.

And to make it last and work,

Is a decision you both must make.

There is only one commitment,

More important than husband and wife.

And that’s to have Jesus in your heart,

As the Lord and Savior of your life.

So as the vows you both shall make,

This I want you to know,

I wish you both only the best,

And pray for your love to grow and grow.


Amanda Joy

September 17, 1988

Laura August 6, 1988


Love she gives unconditional and free

Accepting all she’s learned about me.

Understanding my really deep needs.

Responsive as she can possibly be.

Advising in the ways she sees.

Laura, I’m so glad we’ve gotten back in touch.

You’re really helping me now, while the road is oh so rough.

I just wish it hadn’t have been so long.

But even so, our love and friendship is still very strong.

If things could have been what I dreamed them to be.

We would have been even closer family.

For I would have moved in where you did live.

And another sister to you would give.

I always loved you so very much,

And that way we never would lose touch.

But things always turn out good in the end.

For now we’re not only cousins, but close friends.


Amanda Joy

                    August 6, 1988

Sarah October 15, 1988


Sweet and cuddly as you can be.

Always after anything that you see.

Reaching to get it and put it in your mouth.

And examine it thoroughly only after you take it out.

Happily and carefree you go about.

Sarah, you’re such a sweet little baby girl.

There’s none other like you in all the world.

Your Mommy and Daddy are happy to have you.

And for your brother and sister they’re happy too.

I don’t like that I live in another state,

And that between each visit I have so long to wait.

I love to hug you and hold you so very very much,

Just to have your little hands my face to touch.

Truly children are a gift from God,

And to be treasured here and above,

And showered with praise, attention, affection and love.

I knoe your Mommy and Daddy will give you all of these,

As much as and more than you’ll ever need.


Amanda Joy

                    To my niece.

                              October 15, 1988

Elisa September 26, 1988


Ever busy and on the go.

Learning about things you don’t know.

Intelligent for your very young age.

Surely are pretty and sweet.

Angelic when you sleep.

You are such a sweet little girl.

There’s none other like you in all the world.

Your Mom and Dad love you so very much,

As daily you, your brother and sister their hearts do touch.

Your Mama says you’re a lot like me.

Something that daily she does see.

You play with your blocks and toys,

And share them with other little girls and boys.

Your parents take you to Sunday School,

where you learn about the Golden Rule.

What I pray for you today,

Is for you to mature into a fine Christian lady.


Amanda Joy

                    To my niece and Goddaughter.

                              September 26, 1988

Jonathan October 15, 1988


Joy to your Mom and Dad.

Obviously for you they’re glad.

Now they won’t be lonely or sad.

And for your sisters too they’re glad.

Together you make a family.

Hearts full of love and very happy.

Angelic with open arms you greet me.

Now that’s a pleasant thing to see.

Jonathan, I love you so very much,

As I hope you already know.

I visit and call as often as I can,

So my love to you I can show.

I wish I didn’t live so far away,

So we could be together a whole lot more.

I could see you and your sisters everyday,

And we’d sit and play on the floor.

I put up the pictures you color for me.

I put them on the refrigerator door.

They are there for all others to see,

Until you give me more.

When I visit you, I go with you to Sunday School,

Where many Bible Stories you hear,

Where you learn about the Golden Rule,

And God’s love for everybody everywhere.


Amanda Joy

                    To my nephew.

                              October 15, 1988