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Happy Father’s Day – June 20, 2010


Happy Father’s Day Pop.

I love you so very much.

There’s no way I can tell you,

How my life and heart you have touched.

I wish you had been,

My Pop all along.

Then things in my life,

Would not have gone wrong.

Nothing would make me happier,

Than what I’m about to say.

I wish that I lived closer,

So I could see you every day.

(A/K/A  MammaHen)

June 20, 2010

Fifty Years – July 26, 2018

Fifty Years

You’ve been married fifty years of your life.

It was then Sheila; you took Gary for your husband,
and Gary, you took Sheila for your wife.
Sometimes have been happy, and some have been sad.
Some times were good, and some times were bad.
But your love for each other made most of them glad.

Glad you met each other, and that together you stayed.
Glad that the decision to marry each other you made.
From then on, no decisions were made alone,
Whether to buy a house, have children, or what phone to own.

When traveling across the USA, away from work, going to “play.”
You and your children experienced different adventures every day.
If an adventure on the water, with your plans, was more in tune,
Then you used your houseboat you built on a pontoon.

While watching their Father, with the things he would make,
There were valuable life lessons the children would learn, and with them take.

Staying happily married for any number of years is tough enough,
But adding children to the mix can make it really rough.
Balancing Church, work, and home is a monumental task. Now for fifty years, with flying colors, this job you have superbly passed.

Mom, Dad, we love you both so very much, as
every minute and hour, since our birth, our hearts you continuously touch.

We Love You, Mom and Dad,

Your Children

Written for Amber – by Bonnie Jean Hern,( A/K/A MammaHen).                                                                                            July 26, 2018

Jacquie – June 20, 2018



Just knowing her uplifts you from within.                                                            Adored by her family and friends.                                                                      Caution in fun she throws to the winds.                                                              Queen Bee of her closest friends.                                                                          Unique in every imaginable way.                                                                          Inspires others in special waves.                                                                Enjoys life with surprising others on different days.

Jacquie is such a special friend to others she knows.                                         Seeing her coming can make you glow.                                                               When she’s around you can’t be sad.                                                                    She finds different ways to make you glad.                                                          Your sadness can’t stay when she’s near.                                                            Her care and love for you is always there.                                                         You secretly wish that time will fly.                                                                       Until the next time you see her and say hi.                                                          There’s no way to explain how happy you’ve been                                            Since the first day, by chance to your life she came in.

                                                            With Love,                                                                                                                  MammaHen

   June 20, 2018





You Are Appreciated – 6/20/18

You Are Appreciated

I want to tell you I appreciate you                                            All you have done and daily continue to do                    How you help me when something is wrong       Sometimes I just want to sing a song                                   At times all my problems can almost be too much          But you take it in your stride and my heart you do touch All day long you have to keep up a really fast pace        And handle all that life throws at you in the proverbial rat race                                                                                          Not many things will throw you for a loop                         You don’t seem to mind being in this people coop           So when or if things start to get to you                               Just pick up this poem and read it and hopefully it will        help you get through

                                             With Love                                               MammaHen

June 20, 2018

M I G U E L – 6/12/18


Magnificent is this man.

Inspires in every way anyone can.

Giving comes naturally.

Uplifting when his face you see.

Energy seems never ending.

Love so easily he’s giving.

Put these together and Miguel appears.

A special person we’ve known and

worked with for 15 years.

He can also show a mischievous side.

Even when he tries to make it hide.

Whether at work or at play any day,

He gives over 100% in every way

To know him our lives are better by far.

To us he is a special star.

From Your Friends

Written by: MammaHen June 12, 2018

N U R S E S – 6/3/18


Nice should be their middle name.

Understanding patients pain.

Reaching out to give patients care.

Sharing their medical knowledge when they are there.

Easing the patients time away from home.

Showing them they are not alone.

When patients are hospitalized they have fear.

The nurses pay attention to the fear they hear.

They give their patients the utmost care.

Helping their patients recuperate while there.

With pain and fear it’s hard to relax.

The nurse processes all of these facts.

She knows these are all hard to ignore.

Therefore, for these patients she opens a new door.

She does what she can to fill the immediate needs.

Then she begins to sow different seeds.

She tells them about new therapies to start.

And gives them hope a better life to start.


June 3, 2018

Because You Served – For Memorial Day 2017


Because you served,

America is free.

That freedom is shared by almost everybody.


Because you served,

People can worship where they like,

any day of the week and even at night.


We can carry our Bible almost anywhere we go.

We can share our religion with those we want to know.


All of this is possible, because you served.


We appreciate it with all our heart.

And tell you with our words.

So please believe me when I say,

You are loved and appreciated, each and every day.

And I thank God for you every time I pray.


Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

Written May 29, 2017 for Memorial Day

Mama September 18, 1988


Many were the hours spent.

Always on the go.

Many were the prayers you sent.

As the art of mothering you sought to know.

It must have really been hard for you.

As a young new wife.

When only a month after your anniversary,

You held that precious, new, little life.

You hadn’t even had time to adjust.

To a new home, family, and friends.

When this thing called mothering,

Had to dutifully begin.

What in the world were you to do.

With this helpless little life.

And how were you to know,

If what you did was wrong or right?

You had to do as all,

Mothers before you had done,

And go on instinct and in faith,

To care for this new little one.

And over many more years,

With five more bundles you were blessed.

And with each in succession,

You always did your best.

Sure you made a lot of mistakes,

For there’s no one that’s always right.

The only one to ever be like that,

Has us always in His sight.

That’s why God sent us His son,

To be the only way,

To forgive us for our mistakes and sins,

That we make every day.

I love you through the will of God,

I want to control my life.

And if He’s forgiven me and you, then I will too,

For I know that that’s what’s right.

And now as you continue in your walk of life,

I wish for you only the best.

And may God be with you the rest of your life,

To help you in every test.

Mama, I Love You,

Amanda Joy

          September 18, 1988

Aunt Eunice October 16, 1988

Aunt  Eunice

               Always concerned about others.

               Understanding their hurts and needs.

               Nice person for a friend or second mother.

               Talking to those hurting within that she sees.

               Earnestly she goes about.

                Unwilling to let opportunities pass.

               Name of Jesus she talks about.

               Insuring His love will last.

               Caring she talks and does not shout.

               Eternal life with Christ the best.

Aunt Eunice will always talk to you.

About the best of friends.

She’ll explain salvation to you

So you can open your heart and let Christ in.

She is so very caring and kind.

I can’t find words to do her justice.

Just know she’ll help however she can.

And offer you love, caring, and warm touches.

Aunt Eunice, you’re so special to me.

I love you so very much.

Just imagine me right there beside you.

Giving a loving hug and a warm touch.


Amanda Joy

          October 16, 1988

Janice February 11, 1974


Joy that is always there.

Another one remembered in prayer.

Nice things done in a special way.

Intelligence lasting from day to day.

Calmness in a time of strife.

Eagerness to live a Spirit filled life.

All of these qualities rolled into one.

Janice is the person to whom they belong.

                    February 11, 1974