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You Are Appreciated – 6/20/18

You Are Appreciated

I want to tell you I appreciate you                                            All you have done and daily continue to do                    How you help me when something is wrong       Sometimes I just want to sing a song                                   At times all my problems can almost be too much          But you take it in your stride and my heart you do touch All day long you have to keep up a really fast pace        And handle all that life throws at you in the proverbial rat race                                                                                          Not many things will throw you for a loop                         You don’t seem to mind being in this people coop           So when or if things start to get to you                               Just pick up this poem and read it and hopefully it will        help you get through

                                             With Love                                               MammaHen

June 20, 2018

T E C H S – 6/3/18


Take patients vitals several times a day.

Ever ready to help patients in any way.

Cares about what the patients have to say.

Helps in even non medical ways.

Shares their knowledge every day.

Tech do what many people ask them to,

This goes for doctors, nurses, and patients too.

It seems they are always on the go,

Searching for things to and fro.

They start out searching on their wing,

But sometimes have to go on other wings for things.

They seldom come back empty handed,

Guess you could compare them to a bandit.

They check on patients night and day,

Ready to get whatever the patients say.

They come whenever you ring the bell,

Ready to clean up spills as well.


June 3, 2018

Crossroads In Life – 6/14/18

Crossroads In Life

People are afraid of the crossroads in life.

For many can’t handle the turmoil and strife.

There’s one important thing they need to know,

It’s the turmoil and strife that helps them to grow.

There are certain things most people will automatically do.

These are the milestones all doctors watch babies and children go through.

Gain weight, correct motor skills like-turn over, sit up,

crawl, talk, walk and run.

For most parents, watching and waiting for these are a lot of fun.

School things are next- passing each grade, dating, dances and

Junior and Senior proms.

A big one is graduation, and then to college they go on.

Then come the biggest ones of your life,

Your career and whether or not you want a husband or wife.

Without even thinking about it, these crossroads came,

And for most people they were either easy or with a lot of pain.

Then you have to decide where to live and whether to buy or rent,

To have children or not, which way will make you content.

Some call these crossroads, and to others they are stages,

But it’s OK to need and get help and not go into rages.

It doesn’t mean you are crazy or weak,

If you can’t handle it and help you seek.


June 14, 2018

Having MRSA In The Hospital – 5/1/18

Having MRSA In The Hospital

When you get MRSA in the hospital,

You are in a group of your very own.

They move your roommate out,

Then you’re left alone.

They sanitize your room from top to bottom,

Trying to kill the germs, and they got ’em.

A sign is hung upon your door,

And a shelf with precautions galore.

There are gowns, gloves, and masks,

As well as a stethoscope and thermometer.

These are only used on you, so that in others the germ won’t occur.

This is done for everybody’s good,

A fact that should be easily understood.

Even though being alone makes you sad,

If you try, you can find things to make you glad.

One big one that you will see,

Is that you don’t have to worry about sound on the TV.

Also when you’re alone,

You don’t have to worry about calls on the phone.

So think about the new freedom you have,

And having MRSA won’t seem so bad.


May 1, 2018

T H E R A P Y – 5/7/18


Therapy is a necessary pain.

Helps you your mobility to regain.

Every day the pain gets less and less.

Ready your family and friends to impress.

Always setting another goal.

Preferring not to let pain take it’s toll.

You finally make it to your higher goal.

Therapy can be long and hard.

But at the end you reap your reward.

At times you think your goal you’ll never make.

You feel like your body no more pain can take.

Your therapist is there to help you along.

In your head you may hear a song.

Then your exercises you do to the beat.

Others join in because they think it’s neat.

At the end you finally arrive.

You feel the relief and exchange high fives.


May 7, 2018

N U R S E S – 6/3/18


Nice should be their middle name.

Understanding patients pain.

Reaching out to give patients care.

Sharing their medical knowledge when they are there.

Easing the patients time away from home.

Showing them they are not alone.

When patients are hospitalized they have fear.

The nurses pay attention to the fear they hear.

They give their patients the utmost care.

Helping their patients recuperate while there.

With pain and fear it’s hard to relax.

The nurse processes all of these facts.

She knows these are all hard to ignore.

Therefore, for these patients she opens a new door.

She does what she can to fill the immediate needs.

Then she begins to sow different seeds.

She tells them about new therapies to start.

And gives them hope a better life to start.


June 3, 2018

G R I E F – 7/28/13


Getting in touch with your inner self

Requesting from others understanding and help

Involve yourself in different things

Enveloping the feelings it brings

Free to laugh, cry or do anything

Grief is experienced in many ways,

By different people everyday.

Some get through it very quick,

For others, it’s throws, they just can’t lick.

Some people think the crying will never end,

For others the sorrow never begins.

Everybody needs to go at their own pace,

Because grief is not any kind of race.

Each person handles it differently.

A fact too many people refuse to see.

Ones who get through it in no time at all,

Are not the ones for sympathy to call.

If with grief you are stricken,

Call upon your Father in Heaven.

With Love In Christ,


July 28, 2013

Healing And Your Frame Of Mind – 5/6/18

Healing And Your Frame Of Mind

Your frame of mind affects your healing.

A bad frame of mind can set you reeling.

When you tell yourself you can’t do it,

There’s no way you’ll get through it.

You set yourself up to fail.

You can try as you may, but to no avail.

When you tell yourself that you’ll succeed

Then you’ve got the foundation that you need.

Be like the little engine that thought he could.

And your frame of mind will be what it should.

What you have to go through may be tough,

Bur your frame of mind will give you enough.

You may go through your trials fast,

And have happiness the rest of your life to last.

Or going through your trials may be slow,

But a good frame of mind will get you where you need to go.


May 6, 2018

A True Friends True Colors

A  True  Friends  True  Colors


A friends true colors you will see

When someone goes down in front of thee!

Do you stop to give him aid?

Or is a bee line for the door what is made?

Are you just a good weather friend?

Or do you stay through thick or thin?

Are you only there when things are going right?

Do you comfort him through the turmoils and strife?

Are you there for him no matter what?

Or is a superficial friend all he’s got?

A true friend is one you can count on day or night.

Whether things are going bad or going all right.

A true friend will be there come sunshine or rain.

He will cry with you in your losses and rejoice in your gains.

The way it is said matters not.

As long as a true friend is what you’ve got.


Amanda Joy



Written March 8, 2015



Love Is August 12, 1972



Love is what you want it to be

For people to know, feel and see.

Love is inside and outside too

It’s for me and its for you

Love is in many different forms

It comes and goes in dabs and swarms

Love is sometimes classed as a fever

Other times it’s said to be like a lever

Love is a fever when it affects the mind

Love is a lever when it’s turned on or off at any time

Love is really hard to explain

It causes warmth and it causes pain

Love is…just exactly no one knowsa

I only hope between you and me it grows

I also hope that this thing called love

Is blessed for us by our Father above


Amanda Joy

                    August 12, 1972