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“Christmas” Time July 28, 1992



Children like this time of year.

Hearts are light and full of cheer.

Radiance is noticed everywhere.

Inside people feel a change.

Sharing and smiling carolers sing.

Thankful for life and everything.

Making sure all is done.

Anticipation is half the fun

Santa surely now will come.

It seemed like Christmas day

never would get here

The children’s anticipation

filled half of the year

On this eve, their eyes

are so very big

It is really hard

to get them to go to bed

And when they awaken

to fruit, candy and toys

There sure are some happy

little girls and boys


          July 28, 1992

The Magical City


There once was a magical city.

The city, called Atlantis, was deep underwater.

People who lived there just knew it was para-dise.

For this city was ever so pretty.

But some people did not do as they ought-a.

The bad people made the city not quite so nice.

One day a lady was talking to someone at home.

She was on the “President’s Team”,

And should have been given respect.

On this day there was one man who stood alone.

He talked to the lady really mean.

When she said he should apologize,the meaner he’d get.

Finally she had had enough of his mouth.

So the “Golden Guardians” were called.

When they came, his punishment he saw.

The order was given to cut his tongue out.

Then before others started to mouth off, they’d stall.

Or they too would be punished to the extent of the law.

The lady didn’t like what she had ordered to be done,

But to get her point across, this action had to be done.

Bonnie Jean

                              March 17, 2012

You’ve Been Given A Gift February 21, 2008


You’ve been given a gift,

A talent from above.

To help low spirits to lift,

And share some special love.

Others may envy you,

For this gift you have.

They may wish they had it too,

A better life to live.

There is no better gift,

Than to share joy and love.

And others’ hearts to lift,

With help from God above.

So be careful with your gift.

Use it very wisely.

And watch the hearts you lift,

As the people become so happy.

Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)

                         February 21, 2008