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The Beatitudes – November 30, 2018


The Beatitudes


The Beatitudes were given to us during Jesus’ “Sermon On The Mount”.      They are blessings upon which all Christians can count.                                   They cover different aspects in each and every life.                                      Upon reading them, back to your memory they will come.                              For you will remember having heard them when you were young.                There are three elements of which the Beatitudes are comprised.                 When you think about it, these are facts you will realize.                                  The first element is the announcement of a blessing and why                                 we are considered blessed.                                                                           It starts out each Beatitude, as you see how we pass the tests.                      The second element describes the kind of person to whom Christ’s                         kingdom will go.                                                                                            When you read them, this fact too you will know.                                              Some aspect of the coming kingdom you will see,                                            When you become aware of element three.                                                        The Beatitudes are listed below,                                                                            So as you read them, all of the above they will show.

                                                     The Beatitudes                                                  

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.               Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.                            Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.                                      Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they                        shall be filled.                                                                                    Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.                                       Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.                                       Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.               Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake,                                  for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.                                                         Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and they say all              kinds of evil against you falsely for my sake.                                          Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven,                          for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Now they’ve been refreshed in your mind.                                                          They’ll keep floating around for a time.                                                                The type of people the Beatitudes describe,                                                        Are the kind of people to which our actions should strive.                               If these Beatitudes from your memory seem to slip,                                         Just read this, and they should come back quick.


November 30, 2018



G R I E F – 7/28/13


Getting in touch with your inner self

Requesting from others understanding and help

Involve yourself in different things

Enveloping the feelings it brings

Free to laugh, cry or do anything

Grief is experienced in many ways,

By different people everyday.

Some get through it very quick,

For others, it’s throws, they just can’t lick.

Some people think the crying will never end,

For others the sorrow never begins.

Everybody needs to go at their own pace,

Because grief is not any kind of race.

Each person handles it differently.

A fact too many people refuse to see.

Ones who get through it in no time at all,

Are not the ones for sympathy to call.

If with grief you are stricken,

Call upon your Father in Heaven.

With Love In Christ,


July 28, 2013

The Prodigal Son – 12/10/18

The Prodigal Son

Most people have heard of the prodigal son.

How he took his inheritance and with it did run.

He went to places far and wide.

And had many “friends” by his side.

When the money was totally spent,

Away from his side all of his “friends” went.

Now the Father loved both of his sons very much,

And this love his heart did touch.

The younger son spent the money on wild women and wild things,

While the older son did all of the work, and kept his hands tight on the reins.

When the money was gone and famine hit,

The younger son went to his Father quick.

He asked for forgiveness, for what he had done,

And from his father, of the hired hands, he asked to be one.

But for his son to be a hired hand,

The Father would not let it happen on his land.

He forgave his son of what he had done wrong.

He killed the Fatted calf and celebrated with song.

The older son got upset about all of this.

But the Father told him everything was his,

The younger son once was dead, but now he lives.


December 10, 2018

Love Is August 12, 1972



Love is what you want it to be

For people to know, feel and see.

Love is inside and outside too

It’s for me and its for you

Love is in many different forms

It comes and goes in dabs and swarms

Love is sometimes classed as a fever

Other times it’s said to be like a lever

Love is a fever when it affects the mind

Love is a lever when it’s turned on or off at any time

Love is really hard to explain

It causes warmth and it causes pain

Love is…just exactly no one knowsa

I only hope between you and me it grows

I also hope that this thing called love

Is blessed for us by our Father above


Amanda Joy

                    August 12, 1972

Mama September 18, 1988


Many were the hours spent.

Always on the go.

Many were the prayers you sent.

As the art of mothering you sought to know.

It must have really been hard for you.

As a young new wife.

When only a month after your anniversary,

You held that precious, new, little life.

You hadn’t even had time to adjust.

To a new home, family, and friends.

When this thing called mothering,

Had to dutifully begin.

What in the world were you to do.

With this helpless little life.

And how were you to know,

If what you did was wrong or right?

You had to do as all,

Mothers before you had done,

And go on instinct and in faith,

To care for this new little one.

And over many more years,

With five more bundles you were blessed.

And with each in succession,

You always did your best.

Sure you made a lot of mistakes,

For there’s no one that’s always right.

The only one to ever be like that,

Has us always in His sight.

That’s why God sent us His son,

To be the only way,

To forgive us for our mistakes and sins,

That we make every day.

I love you through the will of God,

I want to control my life.

And if He’s forgiven me and you, then I will too,

For I know that that’s what’s right.

And now as you continue in your walk of life,

I wish for you only the best.

And may God be with you the rest of your life,

To help you in every test.

Mama, I Love You,

Amanda Joy

          September 18, 1988

Aunt Eunice October 16, 1988

Aunt  Eunice

               Always concerned about others.

               Understanding their hurts and needs.

               Nice person for a friend or second mother.

               Talking to those hurting within that she sees.

               Earnestly she goes about.

                Unwilling to let opportunities pass.

               Name of Jesus she talks about.

               Insuring His love will last.

               Caring she talks and does not shout.

               Eternal life with Christ the best.

Aunt Eunice will always talk to you.

About the best of friends.

She’ll explain salvation to you

So you can open your heart and let Christ in.

She is so very caring and kind.

I can’t find words to do her justice.

Just know she’ll help however she can.

And offer you love, caring, and warm touches.

Aunt Eunice, you’re so special to me.

I love you so very much.

Just imagine me right there beside you.

Giving a loving hug and a warm touch.


Amanda Joy

          October 16, 1988

Beth July 12, 1985


Beauty of the best kind, right from the heart.

Eager and earnest to always do her part.

Thoughtful of others each and every day.

Happiness she gives all along the way.

Beth you are really a nice sweet girl.

There’s none other like you in all the world.

You’re very special to your Mom and Dad.

And for your sister too they’re glad.

Your sister loves you as only a sister could.

And you love her as all sisters should.

All your friends love you and wish you only the best.

In giving others love and friendship you pass the test.

Beth, I’m sorry that for your birthday this wish is late.

But I too think you’re pretty great.


Amanda Joy

                    July 12, 1985

To Beth Crawford on her birthday, but it was late.

Jennifer September 8, 1985

Joyfully she goes about.

Eager to laugh, play and shout

Nice to people that she meets.

Never lacks words for those she greets.

Interested in the world around.

Friends for her always abound.

Earnest always to ask and learn.

Ready love to give and receive in turn.

Jennifer you’re really a nice sweet girl.

There’s none other like you in all the world.

You’re very special to your Mon and Dad,

And for your sister too they’re glad.

Your sister loves you as only a sister could.

And you love her as all sisters should.

All your friends love you and wish you only the best,

In giving others love and friendship you pass the test.


Amanda Joy

September 8, 1985

To Jennifer Crawford for her birthday.

Judy June 26, 1988


Joy you’ve always given me.

Unselfishly shared your family.

Dutifully fulfilled His call for thee.

Yielded all He asked you to set free.

Judy, you’re the best friend I have here on earth.

You’ve known me since before my rebirth.

God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform,

When He sent me to you, our special friendship bond to form.

The way has been so hard and long,

But you’ve always been there with just the right song.

Without a doubt I can honestly say,

Many times, without you, I might not be here today.

You’ve been there and comforted me, many times thru the years.

When all I had to offer was heartache, despair and tears.

The only words that can express my attitude,

Are deepest, warmest, heartfelt gratitude.

If everyone had a friend like you, the entire world around,

I know the word of God, love and forgiveness would abound.


Amanda Joy

                         June 26, 1988

Sue McGee September 21, 1977


Service to God the time to fill.

Understanding and unselfish to do God’s will.

Eager to do, and not be still.

Modest way of making things clear.

Caring about others throughout the year.

Giving of time is second nature.

Expressing things to make one spiritually mature.

Enjoying God’s presence all the way.

This is truly Sue McGee.

And all who know her will surely agree.

Sue I hope that you can easily see.

What a very special friend you’ve BEEN TO ME.I know our friendship had to be God’s will.

And He sent me to you my empty heart to fill.

I hope our friendship will never die.

And we’ll still be friends when we meet the Master on high.

These Thoughts by Amanda Joy,

are echoed by members of the

Rosemont Baptist Church Choir

                    September 21, 1977