Carol (Rassmussin) July 11, 1985


Caring  more than most people today.

Always there to help in any way.

Ready at a beckons call.

Others needs to help supply.

Love from God to help get by.

Carol is one of the nicest people to ever meet.

All those who know her think she’s really neat.

Her love and friendship are very dear.

In thoughts and prayers she’ll always be near.

Never asking anything in return.

A fact that others find hard to learn.

About her life she doesn’t complain,

Any hurts or wants within her remain.

To accept the love and friendship she’s willing to give,

A happier life one surely will never live.

Carol, you’re really special,

To all those who know you

They only wish there was a,

Way they could show you.

With Love,

Your Friends,

August 26, 1985

                    Amanda Joy

                    July 11, 1985

to all

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