Best Friends



Best friends are truly a “Gift from God”.

They love you no matter what path you trod.


They share in your happiness and your pains.

They share in your losses and your gains.


You help each other in any way you can,

With loving and open hearts and hands.


You know that with life’s busy pace,

Things at times get out of place.


So when sometimes things are in a mess,

You offer to help, and give it your best.


The friendship is strengthened along the way,

And for it you give thanks to God when you pray.


Life is always easier to bear,

Knowing that best friends are always there.


It helps to know you can always phone,

So you’re never really alone.


They are really God’s Angels from above,

Sharing His acceptance and love.


With Love,

Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)


Published in “Outstanding Poets Of 1994” by the National Library Of Poetry.




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