Being In A Hospital


Being in the hospital is not the place to be.

For when you’re in a hospital, you lose your pride and dignity.

In a hospital you’re in one room all alone.

At home you’re always free to roam.

The hospital food usually isn’t very good.

At home you can season it how you think you should.

In a hospital you see others’ visitors come and go.

Whether or not you’ll have any, you never know.

In a hospital sleep is hard to be found.

At home you can sleep very sound.

In a hospital you miss your family and friends.

You hope they won’t be too busy to stop in.

In a hospital you really miss your pet.

Probably one of the hardest things to adjust to yet.

In a hospital you go there to hopefully get well.

And usually come out with quite some stories to tell.

When you get home, you hope not to come back.

But for some of us, that’s a reality we lack.

Bonnie Jean

                              May 22, 2011

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