Being Admitted To The Hospital


Being admitted to the hospital,

Can be scary or bring a relief.

You can let it keep you awake at night,

Or you can have peaceful sleep.

Just pray they find out what’s going on,

That they find it out right quick.

Then you can get back to your normal life,

As the problem you try to lick.

Granted some things are worse than others,

Because they are typically chronic instead of acute.

So you have to make up your mind,

To pull yourself up by your boots.

Keep your appointments with your doctor,

If you want to get well.

Your doctor will appreciate it,

And your sincerity he can tell.

With your doctor on your side,

You’re well on your way,

To getting yourself well,

And having a brighter day.

Bonnie Jean

                              February 22, 2012

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