At The Copy Store



I went to the copy store to have the poem sized for the bulletin

The clerk, Becky, waited on me to get the job done

After the poem was small enough to fit

I also gave her the church program to be copied on the inside of it

Once the coping was done; the poem, the program, and the bulletin were all in one

I brought all of it home

Then I got out my laminating machine

And laminated the bulletin to keep it clean

I just couldn’t believe, how with the service the poem fit in

That’s why I had it copied, so the bulletin, I could put it in

When the responsive reading was read

And I knew what was in the poem, things started spinning in my head

I was so excited about what happened earlier in church

I had to tell someone, so I told the copy store clerk

When I told Becky, she understood how I felt too

She said she understood why I was doing what I had to do


Getting The Bulletin Done,

Bonnie Jean Hern


August 22, 2010


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