An Obstacle In My Path


When an obstacle is in my path, there’s four things

of which I can choose one to do.

I can ignore it, go around it, go over it, or

face it and plow on through.

I’m a fighter, and a winner I will be,

So to ignore the obstacle is not for me.

To go around it or over it I will not do.

The only choice left for me is to face it,

and plow on through.

The biggest obstacle facing me now,

is one, through which I don’t seem to be able to plow.

For the sadness in my heart, stays heavy on my chest.

In spite of all of the things I have tried,

and given it my best..

The love for my Pop, was so very intense,

that to try to forget him, just makes no sense.

How can I get over this insurmountable grief,

and in so doing, finally get relief?

For this obstacle, so far, no answer have I found.

The sadness in my heart is all that abounds.

Since I loved my Pop so very much,

Trying to get through the grief is really tough.


Love Your Daughter,

Bonnie Jean

                         September 28, 2011

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