Alice October 23, 1988



Always greets you cheerfully.

Loving, her spirit within

Interested in others sincerely

Caring, whether an acquaintance or a close friend.

Enjoys the business she’s in.

Alice, these are the things I find in you to be true,

And with the love of God, they’ll you in all things to get through.

Even though things sometimes are tough,

And you feel like you are all spent,

These things in you muster up,

And to me they’re very evident.

I’ve seen you when the people come to your booth,

How you greet them, what you say.

And I will tell you the truth,

You brighten each and everyone’s day.

You talk about the things you have,

And what you hope is coming in.

You answer any questions they may have,

And in talking, you make another friend.

I’m so glad to have met you,

And now consider you as a friend,

And hope to always stay in touch with you,

And that our friendship will never end.

Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

                    October 23, 1988

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