Actual Bonnie & Clyde September 17, 1988


Beauty coming from her heart.

Others to comfort plays a part.

Nice by any standards today.

Never turning anyone away.

Interested in helping ease your pain.

Earnest to have Christ with you remain.


Christ is on the throne of His life.

Loves his children and his wife.

Yielded to his Savior’s will.

Daily works His will to fulfill.

Earnest to be Spirit filled.

Bonnie and Clyde are quite a pair.

In their home the love of Christ fills the air.

They love you no matter what your present state,

To share with you, God’s love, they cannot wait.

You can tell that they are very sincere,

When first their voices, you do hear.

In their presence you feel at ease.

And inner turmoils begin to cease.

They will be more than just good weather friends,

Once you let their friendship begin.

They will tell you all about Christ,

And hope that you will see “The Light”.

Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

               To Bonnie & Clyde Bartlett

               September 17, 1988

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