A True Friends True Colors

A  True  Friends  True  Colors


A friends true colors you will see

When someone goes down in front of thee!

Do you stop to give him aid?

Or is a bee line for the door what is made?

Are you just a good weather friend?

Or do you stay through thick or thin?

Are you only there when things are going right?

Do you comfort him through the turmoils and strife?

Are you there for him no matter what?

Or is a superficial friend all he’s got?

A true friend is one you can count on day or night.

Whether things are going bad or going all right.

A true friend will be there come sunshine or rain.

He will cry with you in your losses and rejoice in your gains.

The way it is said matters not.

As long as a true friend is what you’ve got.


Amanda Joy



Written March 8, 2015



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