A Special Joy May 9, 1991


I wish for you a special joy

that your life will alter

I wish for a bundle of joy

in other words a daughter

She will multiply the joy of your son

a joy you’ve known for years

Because she will double your fun

and reward all of your cares

A daughter is very special indeed

not like any other

Even if she didn’t come from your seed

you’ll always cherish and love her

She is special from the day of her birth

to her you pass on so much love

She’s to be part of continuing love on earth

and you pray for Gods’ guidance from above

You answer her questions in the best way you know

and try to help relieve her fears

You help her to mature and grow

softly drying away those tears

You give her a great big hug

telling her adoption is just a small part

Let her know how much she’s loved

and there’s a special bond in both of your hearts


Bonnie Jean

May 9, 1991

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