A Son



You just found out you have a son

Oh, what a happy day for you

Now when you’re together

Just have some one-on0one

This time will be so special

‘To him and to you too

You will both be so happy

And laugh and play so much

The little “man” will call you Daddy

And love you a lot

All this happiness and laughter

Your heart will touch

There will be no way to measure

All the feelings you’ve got


The father was raised by the grandmother,

She did it with oh so much love and care.

Now the father is going to help to raise his son.

No matter what time of the day or night,

The father will always be there.

The son and mother just need the father’s phone number

And the father will come,

Showing how much he cares.


With Love,

Your Friend,

Bonnie Jean


February 2, 2009

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