A New Day



Today is a new day

This is a new book

A new slate, a new beginning for me

I’m going to try, with God’s help, a better person to be

I’ll ask Him for help wherever I go, and in everything that I do

My hope and prayer is that I won’t start out like a ball of fire and end up like a puff of smoke

And can’t really breathe in deep, because if I do I’ll surely choke

One thing I want to be obvious for other people to see

I want them to be able to always see Jesus in me

This shouldn’t be in a bragging way

But in how I live from day to day

I hope daily to be able His guidance to seek

And without question, or fail, to always turn the other cheek

I want Him to help me, down the path I trod

For I know without a doubt, I am a child of God


Love One of Your Children,

Bonnie Jean Hern


August 22, 2010

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