A Hero



Brenda Cowan was a hero in every way.

She put her life on the line every day.


She rushed to help without hesitation.

She ignored her safety without reservation.


She obviously was a leader in deed.

Leading the way where there was a need.


Her cheerful ways helped all the while.

For you hardly ever saw her without a smile.


She loved God in all her ways.

And He lead her through all her days.


Our hearts are heavy and our eyes full of tears,

For we miss our loved one oh so dear.


But we really shouldn’t be so sad.

For we have fond memories to make us glad.


And we know only a shell in the grave will stay.

For her spirit and soul went to Heaven straight away.


We also know that our Father above,

Will reach down and hold us in His arms of love.


Brenda We Love And Miss You.

Love Always,

Your Friends


In loving memory of Brenda Cowan, who the Lord called home February 13, 2004.


Written by Bonnie Jean – someone she’s helped.

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