A daughter is very special indeed.

Even if she didn’t come from your seed.

And if by chance there’s more than one,

Then that multiplies the love and fun.

She is special from the day of her birth,

To be part of continuing love on earth.

To her you pass on so much love,

And pray for God’s guidance from Heaven above.

In your thoughts she’s present a lot,

This charming little chatter box.

You answer her questions in the best way you know

To help her to mature and grow.

You try to help relieve her fears,

And dry away those little tears.

You want to give her a great big hug,

And let her know how much she’s loved.

Tell her adoption is just a small part

Of the special bond that’s in both of your hearts.


Love Always,

Amanda Joy

This poem was published in Echoes From The Silence by Quill Books.


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